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ART [ˈɑːrt], n, 1, something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings

HUB [ˈhʌb], n, 1, a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate

ART HUB [ˈɑːrthʌb], n, 1, unique physical and virtual space, which connects and inspires; this enables specific artistic community to share their important notions with free creative expression

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Wise men say that there are two types of people—those who make the world functional and those who make it beautiful. Who could imagine a house without beauty and grace, an evening without music or a book, or a jacket that makes one look like a rotting pumpkin without a voice.

If you are the one who makes the world functional, we can help you with the other part. Creativity is what we have in common. Meanwhile you rack your brains with coding, designing a workplace or setting up a stage, we can come up with the ideas and realization of the voiceover for your application, creative graphic design, or give you a solution in regards to amplification and an anchorman.

Our cooperation includes all from fresh graduates of the artistic schools to utter stars in their field. We prefer to manage TurnKey contracts, although we would like to be your partners rather than distributors.

We specialize particularly in audio production such as narration of audiobooks, radio spots, documentary dubbing, and audio narration for educational application, games or VR. In addition, we are capable of video recording and photo shooting and we also have got the experience of producing musical and sporting events.

If we can somehow help you with the realization of your project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can make it work!

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Someone said that masterpieces were created when the artists who made them were starving. We all know that's complete nonsense, right mate? We've got rich experience with auditions, after long nights of slave-jobs, and we know what it is like to be treated as a piece of meat. The dilemma—to play or not to play in a never-ending series just not to cry over every dollar spent. We know that too.

All this has led to an idea: “Isn't there any other way? If I've got good conditions for my art, my art will be better and it'll pay off, cause it's better than the art of others. ” That's why we have founded Tamuza, where we want to meet people with the same point of view. We can't offer much, but if your work catches our eyes, you bet we will do everything to make you feel as a queen/king.

We have a space where we can meet up and create art, Voiceover studio in Brno center, and resources for the realization of your unique idea, but most important of all, we've got a community of professionals with whom you can cooperate and learn from them how it is done. It's not so simple to be a part of Tamuza, though. The whole idea is based on friendship, honor, and mutual help, so if you don't believe in these values you wouldn't most likely fulfill your part of the agreement.

If you feel you can contribute and that we can help you, we'll be looking forward to meeting with you over a cup of coffee. At the art hub meeting we'll start the plans to come true and you can trust us—it's gonna be huge!

It's art to connects. Art is connecting.

Tomáš Tlučhoř

Artistic Director (AD)

+420 604 806 403


Tom is a comedian by nature and he even studied it at Janacek university. And also sound engineering in Olomouc. He's a perfect combination of aesthetic and practical mind. Wherever a creative mind and idea occurs, he's there. He dubs, directs, edits, acts etc. Solutions at hand, miracles in minutes. He's one of the founders of the company, thus he should know the answers and maybe the prices too. Call him whenever you want to meet us!